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From traditional terraced houses to riverside apartments and rural cottages, large townhouses and prime country homes. The Wirral provides the best of city and countryside living and we deal with some of the most incredible and prestigious properties that the Wirral Peninsula has to offer.

As the Wirral Peninsula’s only Bespoke Estate Agent, We aim to apply an approach to residential property that separates the service between Liam Gretton and ‘traditional estate agents’.

From the beginning to end, our teams knowledge, experience and expertise will support and steer your purchase or sale to successful completion, taking away that unwanted stress and worry of buying and selling.

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Why choose eXp?

Why choose Bespoke Marketing?

We can guarantee you’re thinking about how to sell, which Wirral Estate Agent you’re going to work with and what are the best options are for you and your family, and it is important to choose the right agent from the beginning, not only to represent you, but also to guide you through the entire process.

Now, the most important part about moving property is to focus on the goal.

The goal 90% of the time is not actually to sell a property. It’s to find a new home and to do that you need to sell your old home. A lot of estate agents get so caught up in ‘winning your business’ that they do (and say) anything they can to get another property on the market, in return quite often your key goal is already compromised.

Ultimately property is about people, so we want to spend our time with the people involved, and that means building relationships.

Our goal isn’t to advertise every property on the Wirral, but our goal is to add value and to change the perception of working alongside Estate Agents.

Every property has a buyer but you need to decide from the outset, whether you’re happy to settle for just ‘a buyer’ or do you want to attract ‘the best buyer’ for your property? To achieve this we need to establish the correct strategy, exposure and marketing plan, holding the cards of a great strategy and an even greater plan, its important you have a clear, concise and strategic approach to your move.

We want to work with the sellers in our community who are like-minded, who value good service and recognise the importance of good relationships. Sellers, who ultimately, understand that together we are a team – working towards the same objective.

If you think we would be a good fit for YOU & your home, let’s have a cup of Tea (milk, no sugar) and discuss your property.

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